Together we can make a difference

The only way we can reduce the amount of plastics in our society is by NOT creating the problem to begin with.

This falls to businesses to remove plastics as much as possible and for us to buy plastic FREE whenever possible.

We believe it’s time to change how we buy those products we use every day, but hate to shop for… And most importantly to buy them without the plastic one time use packaging we all dread.

We offer a direct to your home subscription service to take away the hassle of having to remember to buy those items we use most.

Our focus is to offer you the most sustainable versions of your daily use products, conveniently delivered right to your home, all PLASTIC PACKAGING FREE.

Plan you daily essentials with us, and save UNWANTED PLASTICS entering our environment.


  • Soft and silky bamboo toilet rolls
  • 100% recycled, plastic-free packaging
  • 100% virgin bamboo pulp
  • Grown insecticide-free, fertilizer-free,
  • Fully sustainable production process from
    certified sources that uses 80% less water*
  • 25% more absorbent*, 30% stronger*
  • 3-ply 220-sheets per roll
  • Anti-bacterial, anti-microbial,
  • Low linting and low dust
  • Great for sensitive skin and noses
  • 100% compostable, septic-safe

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