TCJ-Kids Neem Styling Paste 100ml


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Treat Head-lice With Style

Styles hair while at the same time aiding in the treatment and prevention of head-lice. This product provides a soft natural looking style, holding shape while remaining pliable. Enriched with natural actives Neem and Quassia to break the life cycle of head-lice while your child goes about their day. The product smells great and won’t make the hair dry hard, which is important when it comes to using the nit comb.

A perfect way to treat young energetic children that resist having their hair washed too often, or don’t have the patience for the long involved process of older conventional lice treatment systems.

Then when shower time does come, use our Neem Shampoo & Conditioner and you know you have all your bases covered. Our products are formulated to be gentle enough for everyday care yet remain effective.


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