TCJ-Kids Neem Styling Paste 100ml


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Treat Head-lice With Style

Tired of your child coming home with head lice? Treating head lice can be exhausting!

TCJ has come up with a remarkable remedy for head lice. A product enriched with 100% herbal active elements Neem & Quassia, both of which render the insect incapable of reproducing.

Designed to fit conveniently and easily with your everyday life, it is a perfect way to treat your spirited young children who refuse to have their washed too often or don’t have the patience for the long process of traditional lice treatments.

  • 100% herbal remedy -contains Neem and Quassia
  • No harsh chemicals
  • Does not cause irritation or adverse reactions
  • Suitable for regular use on wet or dry hair
  • Easy to use – trigger spray with lock-on treatment bottle
  • Leaves hair healthy nourished and smelling great
  • Easy to use packaging with easily removed stickers of embarrassing words such as ‘head lice’ or ‘nits.’

Free of harsh chemicals that need not be washed off, this user-friendly, beneficial head lice treatment, clinically proven to kill head lice, will work while your child plays, giving you a chance to adapt the treatment process.

Style your hair with distinct glossiness while treating or preventing head lice!


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