Moxie Regular Tampons 20’s



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We’ve all got a period horror story (tamps falling out of your bag, anyone?)… Curb your period drama with these super handy Moxie Regular purse-worthy tampons!

  • Designed for medium flow (approx. 11g absorbency)
  • Each pack contains 20 regular tampons and a refillable/recyclable purse-worthy tin
  • Unique clover-shaped design for added comfort and efficient absorption
  • Twist-open wrappers for easy and hygienic opening
  • A Silken Glaze™ coating for easy insertion
  • Also available in Mini (for light flow) and Super (for heavy flow)


Please always use the lowest absorbency possible for your flow and remember to change your tampons at least every 8 hours (if not sooner). Read the leaflet in pack prior to use.

Moxie Regular tampons are made from rayon fibres with a polyethylene/polyester cover and a cotton string. Outer packaging and tins are 100% recyclable.


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