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Dettol Antiseptic Liquid 500ml



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Once you have used the Dettol antiseptic disinfectant- Household grade, you will never go back to trying an ordinary disinfectant. A multi-purpose cleaner that can be used to wipe surfaces of your home, including the cot, nursery, toilet, floor, and kitchen benchtops to kill a wide range of germs. It can be added to linen during the laundry rinse cycle to freshen it. Dettol also acts as a gentle antiseptic to cleanse and protect against infection from minor skin cuts, scratches, and even insect bites.


  •       Antiseptic liquid
  •       Multi-surface cleaner
  •       Effective disinfectant
  •       Use on cuts, bites, abrasions and insect bites
  •       Personal hygiene
  •       Midwifery
  •       Freshen laundry items or nappies
  •       Economical pack – 500ml

A beloved antiseptic disinfectant that protects you and your family for generations!

Directions for Use

  •   Antiseptic: 1: 20 dilution (20mL of Dettol in 400mL of water)
  •   Bathing: 30mL addition (Not suitable for babies < 9 months old)
  •   Laundry wash: 30mL addition to the rinse cycle
  •   Surface disinfectant: 1: 20 dilution (20mL of Dettol in 400mL of water)

Discard all solutions after use.


 Chloroxylenol 48mg/mL (4.8% w/v).


  • Store below 30°C
  • External use only
  • Do not mix with other detergents or chemicals
  • Keep out of reach of children
  • Seek medical advice if swallowed
  • Avoid contact with eyes
  • Do not use on high gloss acrylic surfaces


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