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Vulnerable to dry and chapped lips from exposure to dry air, sunlight, wind, low temperatures, and dust?

Alfred Woelbeing invented the Carmex lip balm that helps soothe, soften, and moisturise parched and chafed lips caused bythe elements.

Made from beeswax and containing a unique blend of ingredients that offers targeted lip care benefits

  • Cocoa butter and lanolin – natural moisturisers that help moisten and prevent dryness leaving you with healthy-looking lips
  • Camphor and menthol – gives your mouth a cooling effect to soothe the rough textures, helps nourish and nurture your lips 24/7
  • Vanilla – nourishing properties that provide radiance and help your lips feel more comfortable

For your convenience, Carmex lip balm come in a jar, tube or a stickin a flavourful and colourful range – strawberry, classic, cranberry

With a punch of antioxidants, light feel, sleek slide and a hint of shine, the Carmex lip balm can be usedbefore and after lipstick application

Make your lips feel luscious and look great all the time!