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ANZ Pharma now offers essential supplies for the fight against the pandemic. Pandemics, by their nature, are unpredictable in their timing and their severity.

We must ensure our communities, our friends, and our families will have the necessary resources to protect their safety, security, and provide a level of clarity during these uncertain times. According to official guidelines from the health officers and the government, it is vital to keep up your personal hygiene and to take extra care to keep your surroundings hygienic.

ANZ Pharma helps you by offering several hygiene products and safety equipment, including hand sanitisers, antibacterial and antiseptic wipes, disposable gloves, antibacterial cleaners and dishwashing liquids, safety coveralls, masks, anti-fog goggles, and face shields. We also offer non-prescription medications, including pain relievers, and fluids with electrolytes and vitamins to keep you and your surroundings safe and healthy.

We, humans, are scared when in a crisis. Understandably, everyone wants to stockpile supplies by buying more than what we need. But by doing this, others, the most vulnerable of us, including our elderly and people struggling with health issues, won’t get the items that they need. We need to think of our neighbours, friends, and our loved ones when buying essential supplies. We need to think about our health care staff who are fighting the battle against this pandemic from the frontlines.

ANZ Pharma is making a request to you to be responsible when purchasing your supplies. We cater to both wholesale and individual purchases.
We know it is a challenging time for humanity. But by partnering against fear, anxiety, and doubt, by shopping responsibly and following the official health guidelines, we will successfully face this challenge together.

It is important to stay active and eat healthy. Let’s take these simple steps to unite against the virus. Be kind. Be calm. Stay Healthy.

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