An Australian natural healthcare brand


Mundicare was founded in 2015 and is an emerging Australian natural healthcare brand and they are passionate about improving the health and well being of people through the healing power through the use of natural ingredients.


Ever wondered what mundicare means?
mundi” is a latin word for “world” while it is an Australian brand their search for mother nature’s healing ingredients is very much global in their mission to care for the the health and well being of families.

Sensitive Protection


For daily feminine hygiene needs.

Nourishes and supports the growth of healthy and intimate flora.

For natural protection against feminine discomforts.


MundicareĀ® Daily Intimate Wash Foam is specially formulated with prebiotics to help support the natural pH balance of your intimate area.


Prebiotics are ingredients that promote the growth of probiotics. Probiotics need prebiotics to grow quickly and reduce the growth of unfriendly organisms that can cause unwanted symptoms.

Moisturising calendula


For women with dryness-prone skin.

Provides optimum moisture to the intimate area.

Supports the natural pH and flora.

Fresh & Active Lemon Verbene


For women with healthy, active lifestyles.

Helps supports relief from undesirable odours.

Supports the natural pH and flora.

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