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Quick Overview

The Little Swimmers 7-12 Kg combination of features makes every swimming occasion embarrassment free, providing maximum comfort and protection for your little ones in the water.

Some of the benefits of Little Swimmers include:

  • They won’t swell up in the water like regular disposable nappies.

  • Elastic side guards to contain little accidents.

  • Stretchy sides and waistband for a comfortable fit.

  • NEW Easy-open sides to make the change experience easier for parents Light and durable material for easy movement in the water.

  • Front and Back labels to help prevent confusion.

  • Water Safety NZ recommends Huggies Little Swimmers swim nappies to all parents of toddlers, babies and infants for use in and around water to help ensure everyone has a clean, safe and fun time at the beach or pool. Huggies Little Swimmers Swimpants can be worn under a regular swimsuit or on their own. The designs ensure they look almost like swimmers and give others the comfort of knowing your child is not wearing a regular nappy into the pool.


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