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* Australia’s No. 1 baby probiotic*

*The development of friendly gastrointestinal bacteria is vital for overall health within the first 3 years of life. Life-Space Probiotic Powder For Baby encourages good bacterial diversity to support optimal health and wellbeing for developing infants and toddlers.

*Helping to support their immune function and gastrointestinal health, this pleasant tasting powder may also reduce baby’s risk of developing eczema in the first 2 years of life.

Health benefits may include:

* Supporting the development of a healthy immune system

* Reducing the risk of developing eczema in the first 2 years of life

* Assisting with the digestion and absorption of nutrients

* Assist in maintaining health digestive flora following the use of antibiotics

* Supporting normal, healthy bowel movements

Available in 60 grams
7 Billion live bacteria per gram

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