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  1. Health Lab Craving Kicker Choc Protein Smoothie 250ml

    KICK SUGAR CRAVINGS TO THE CURB! A guilt-free, delicious, high protein smoothie on-the-go to help manage hunger levels and fight those sugar cravings! Best kept on hand so you can scoff one down whenever a sugar craving strikes.
  2. Health Lab Balance Strawberry Protein Smoothie 250ml

    THE PERFECT BALANCE FOR ACTIVE BABES! A guilt-free, replenishing protein smoothie to enjoy before or after your sweat session, that doesn't undo any of your hard work! This smoothie is the perfect balance to recover faster and maximise body benefits from your sweat session.
  3. Health Lab Revive Me Coffee Protein Smoothie 250ml

    A GUILT-FREE BREAKFAST ON-THE-GO FOR BUSY BABES! Combining the deliciousness of coffee with the benefits of protein, this baby helps give you a boost so you are revived and ready to tackle anything the day throws at you! These protein smoothies are designed for busy babes so are perfect as a nourishing breakfast option or to replace your afternoon coffee.
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3 Item(s)